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A story about emotions...relationships...and the best damned drink on the planet.

So...a little bit about me, eh? 

Well....I'm Scottish, very happily married with two grown-up sons and I have more hair on the bottom of my head than I have on the top.

I've been writing ad copy since Noah built his little boat. I suppose you could say I've not only been there and got the t-shirt, I've also ripped it, stomped on it, and used it to clean my car with (it came up very nice!). 

I've written copy on everything from baby milk to stem cell storage. From catalogue mail order to kitchens. From cancer charities to supermarkets. From sofas to surface protection. From cars to football pools.  And on...and on...

I've written TV commercials, radio commercials, press ads, brochures, direct mail packs, websites...either as solus items or as complete campaigns.  

All this I've done whilst working in ad agencies ranging in size from the very the very VERY large.

Now, I'm an independent writer, and a copy consultant, with a lot of expertise to offer and a lot of experience to call on.

So take a look at my GALLERY, where you'll see a taste of my recent ad work, produced between 2005 and now, during which I've specialised in writing for clients in the Healthcare arena. 

Then, if you think we can work together, please feel free to contact me...either by dropping me a line via my contact page...emailing me at calling me direct on 07702322610. 

...and now...a little about the 'other' me...

Aaaaah....the book thing. copy isn't ALL I write. I'm an author with an as yet unpublished book and a few more unfinished ones.

You can find the first couple of chapters of the very finished one - HEAVEN HELP US! - on Scribd, and on my facebook page. Just click here. It's in the 'notes' section.  You like fantasy? You'll love it!

Oh...and you can also meet the 'other, other' me by clicking on the 'God, The Devil and the bartender' link in my links page.  I won't tell you about the 'other, other, other' me just yet. Way too early...

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